Best food for fish manufacturers and appetizers

Best food

Best food works in the field of salted fish, offering the best products at the best quality and prices fit with all gategories.

The company was established in 2018 and offers many salted processed fish products.

Our mission

We hope to change the concept of appetizers.

Our customer

  • Metro Market
  • Khair Zaman
  • Raya


Our products

Vincum coated resin

Herring box

Hollowed envelope of heat and Viscera.

Fillet Herring fillet 300g.

Pomegranate Fillet Herring 300g

Sardine fillet 300g

Grilled bream 200g

Bunch of anchovy 200g

Sardin vacuum cleaner 200g-300g

Roasted vaccine roast 200g-300g

Fillet vacuum 200g-300g



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