El Doha- Wateen for animal feed

Vision of El Doha-wateen Company for animal feed and fertilizers:

  • El Doha-wateen Company aims to be the leading company in the field of Animal feed and fertilizers in Egypt. And to be the source of innovation in this industry.

The Mission :

  • El Doha-wateen Company is committed to introduce the highest quality level of produced or treated animal feed under the highest quality & safety standards through the latest and best manufacturing technologies and by the safest means with reasonable prices to satisfy all customers; farm owners, and merchants. The company works to achieve this by enhancing and developing the skills and experiences of the employees. Continuously, by activating the creative role of the human resources department in the company. The company is working continuously to enhance the environmental situation through the latest studies and researches in the field of agricultural wastes treatment and transform them into high value – value products in terms of proteins .. in line with serving the society that the company works in leading to increasing and enhancing the standard of living in the society.

Goals of the Company:

  • Achieve the highest return from the invested capital .. in away that enables the company to sustain and continuously develop in away that warrantee leading in this field .. and keeping this leadership.
  • Achieve the maximum utilization from the available agricultural wastes in the surrounding area and adjacent areas to maximize the economic return for the society by improving environment and producing cheap animal feed and fertilizers.
  • Assist small farmers in the poultry sector and cattle by treating the available wastes with the lowest fees .. and provide the manufactured animal feed in the highest quality .. and lowest prices.
  • Continuous and productive cooperation with the national research center to finance specific researches to treat wastes and produce yeasts and concentrates for the animal feed and market them.
  • Develop the current products and permanent sought to introduce new products in the animal feed yeasts, concentrates and fertilizers.
  • Improving the skills, efficiencies of the employees in a continuous manner and consider this as the way to achieve and sustain the market leadership.

The values ​​and the ethics of the company:

El Doha-wateen Company is working through a set of governing values, principles and ethics as organizing constraints for working method and performance. These principles are:

  • Excellency in performance .. to sustain the highest level of quality for the products provided to the customers.
  • Coaching the employees in a continuous way through training and developing programs .. as employees are the most valuable assets that the company have.
  • Teamwork believing with roles integration within the work and this is the way to lead the market and sustain this leadership.
  • Health, safety & security. Through the complete care to select the highest qualified materials and ingredients in the manufacturing process, so the consumer gets the highest conversion rates and then the best results can be achieved./li>
  • Sustain the environment through the continuous search in all types of wastes and the economic and the safety conversion to high nutritional value feed.
  • Justice and integrity in all the company’s dealings internally with employees and implemented policies and their standard of living and externally with all the stake holders such as suppliers, customers, governmental agents, clients, competitors .. and the general public.

Products of the Company:

First: The manufactured animal feed:

  • 1- Poultry feed:

A.Growing comminuted: Fit to the chicks from 10 days up to 17 days. (rough granules)

B.Starter comminuted: Fit to the chicks from one day up to 10 days (soft granules). .

C. Growing pills: Fit to birds from 18 days up to 27 days.

D.Finished feed: Fit to birds from 28 days up to sell or slaughter.

  • 2- Sheep and Cattle feed:

A- Starter cattle feed: (natural protein) not less than 17% & TDN (The percentage of digested protein) not less than 70%.

B-Fattening cattle feed: : (natural protein) not less than 16% & TDN not less than 70% and fit cattles from 6 – 12 months.

C-Dairy cattle feed high productive: (natural protein) not less than 18% & TDN not less than 70%.
D-Sheep fattening feed: (natural protein) not less than 14% & TDN not less than 65%.

Second wastes treatment:

  • Is a service provided to clients where the wastes are available whatever the type such as rice straw, olive pomace, bagasse, out put trim trees, and any other waste can be treated and transferred into a high protein feed (natural protein, TDN & energy) and this is done under a complete supervision of the national research center and through the usage of biological, natural and cheap ingredients such as:
  • Mushroom growth and this is produced in the national research center.
  • Phosphate.
  • Molasses.
  • Magnesium sulfate.
  • Selenium yeasts, chromium yeasts and brewer’s yeasts.
  • Other additions and ingredients.
  • The service of treatment is provided for a simple margin including all the additions within the treatment or after the treatment (corn, salt, Apostasy and the calcium) and this according to the client’s demand. The price can be determined according to the treatment quantity and the place of treatment.

Third: yeasts and feed additives:

  • A- Bio magic R.A. poultry:
    It is feed additives rich with chromium, selenium yeasts, active apostasy and yeast feed. Plus the digestive enzymes such as (cellulous, bekteez, faytiz, protenize, lactopacilies plantarim), lacto pactlies acidofilse, structured pH (6.8 – 7.4)
  • B- Bio magic R.A cattle:

B- Bio magic R.A cattle: Mixture of digestive enzymes carefully choosen and reacts most efficiently in the gut. Further more, there are set of vitamins has superior value to support immune system, vitality and activity.

  • C- Yeast rich in chromium. OCY-NRCE OCY-NRCE
  • D- Yeast rich in selenium. OSY-NRCE OSY-NRCE
  • F- Excellent dry brewer’s yeast.


No. Service Type Price in L.E
1 Biological treatment of Agricultural wastes i.e rice and wheat straws, bagasse, barley straw corn stalls, corm cobs, rice hules to improve its nutritive value up 14% true protein, decreasing about 35% in fibers content,  increasing energy
2 Improvement of silage quality by adding lactic bacteria and yeasts
3 Olive wastes biological treatment
4 Organic selenium yeast 1 kg/ ton (400 mg se)
5 Organic chromium yeast 1 kg/ ton (200 mg Cr)
6 Biomagaic F.A.
7 Microbial analysis of unalcoholic and soft drinks
8 Ethanol determination in industrial products
9 Raising power of blaker’s yeast
10 Bio nematode kier
11 Foliar application of yeasts in green house
12 Biofertilizer for all crops

Results of feeding some animals on the treated agricultural wastes

After 45 days

After 30 days After 15 days After 7 days Average of milk production No. of animal



14 13 13 10 134



16 15 13 13 170



16 15 15 12 669



15 14 14 11 6635



16 15 13 13 2789



15 14 14 11 7431



15 14 14 12 470



15 14 14 11 140



15 14 14 12 6683



15 14 14 12 414



15.5 14.5 14.5 11.5 6771



14.5 14.5 14.5 11.5 88331



12 12 11 12 5672



12 12 11 12 1045



13.5 12.5 13.5 10.5 7230



13 12 12 10 2359



14 13 13 11 690



14.5 13.7 13.7 11.5


Results of some biological treatment for some agriculture wastes


Before treatment

After treatment


fibers protein


Sugar cane

1.51 47.8 18.3



2.58 47.6 19.1



2.35 46.2 14.5



4.25 43.1 14.9



4.1 44.3 16.2



4.6 39.5 18.3


Corn ears

4.8 42.2 15.7



2.05 61.72 14.6



3.14 43.2 18.5



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