Emdad for exporting food commodities

Company No. 1 in the export of ffod products in Egypt

     The company is a pioneer and leading food product for the global   High Quality and Transfer various enjoyments through exporting healthy and fresh food for the global

Our Products

Emdad fresh jusice



Detergents and personal care products



Emdad milk


Adult diapers (Turkish made)

Rainforest and stunning linen


Emdad Evaporated milk


powder milk

Emdad Foul Medammes


Emdad Flour


Emdad soft tissue paper


Emdad cookies

Emdad Swiss roll


Emdad baby diapers

Emdad Vito

Emdad Oil

Emdad Washing power


Emdad washing powder and detergents

Emdad hand wash soap



Baby care cosmetics

Emdad Pasta



Emdad Biscuit

Emdad lollipop



Emdad Tomato sauce

Canned peas


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