Renewable energy

Renewable energy

Renewable sources of power the Green and future business in energy

Todays … in both developing and developed countries, there is a heavy demand for another sources of energy. Not only because the available stock of the current traditional sources will be diminished rapidly, but also for the increased prices of these sources and its negative radiation of Gases and Toxic components to the environment. New sources of energy are not only clean, renewable but all very economy in the long run. Solar energy received a reasonable interest in recent decades by scientists and businesses which leads to a huge decline in its initial costs and increases in both productivity, safety and ease of installment and Maintenance.

Solar mill

Instead of footprint dedicated to a singular solution, pure technologies’ engineers have designed a unique set of vertical axis wind turbines, added the highest quality solar panels, and a panted system of integrated electronics, to create a hybrid device with the highest energy Density in the market. The daily and seasonal trends of wind and solar resources are all mitigated by capturing both at any time of the day … or year.

Why Solar Mill?

Solar mill can generate
  • More total energy.
  • Better day time energy peaks compared with the old technologies.
  • Night-time energy depending on the wind.
  • Day time energy from both; sun and wind.
  • Higher energy production on cloudy days … compared with traditional/old Technology.

Advantages of our products by solar mill

  • Temperature sensing electronics for thermal protection.
  • Integrated maximum power Point tracking (MPPT).
  • Three low profile vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT).
  • Silent operation and environmentally friendly.
  • Minimal running maintenance required.
  • Economical saving in the long run.

Why pure company select an Egyptian company Wateen?

Egypt in general is one of the most growing country in this field, not only due to the weather which is best fit for this technology but also due to the cheaper workers, available technicians & engineers …  supported with open minded and the Pioneer businesses such as Wateen company. The company (pure) carefully select Wateen to cooperate in its investment and operations in Egypt due to the respected background of Wateen, and its huge experience and awareness of the Egyptian market and other similar market in the Middle East.
Wind stream and Wateen The cooperation between the famous American company; wind stream and Wateen is derived from their Deep desire for employing the most qualified materials and components in their products as a key way not only generate a meaningful reputation in the market but also to sustain their heavy reputation and keep the Investments of their clients and maximize perceived values by those clients and this is the way to differentiate our way of business compared with our competitors.

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